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ONTAP Simulator 9.2 running on VirtualBox or RedHat Enterprise Virtualization


Good day everyone! 


A customer of mine is runnning VirtualBox and/or RedHat Enterprise Virtualization on his Mac and was wondering if there was any way to run the ONTAP 9.3 Simulator in either of those environments.  I know right on the Simulator download site that is only runs in a VMware environment but thought I would do my due dilligence and check here just in case.


Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated folks.

Thank you in advance.




RHEV only seems to support Windows and Linux VMs, which ONTAP is not (it is close to FreeBSD), so I'm pretty confident it won't work.


Hello Rob,


It is possible to run the Simulator using Oracle's VirtualBox. I don't think the Simulator is supported, but if it is this would certainly fall into the "unsupported" category : )


If you are a partner with access to FieldPortal, please send me an email (community username at, I can send you a document to help.



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