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cdot9.1RC1 upgrade to 9.1 GA failing with a panic


So I have a cdot 9.1RC1 single node cluster that I want to upgrade to 9.1GA.  I downloaded the image for 9.1GA using hardware type 6250 or something like that (does it matter?) and then put it on my http server and did a get, then update and it seemed to all work.  I then set the new image to the boot image and rebooted.  On boot it shows 9.1 for a couple seconds then it panics talking about a missing page of memory and it goes into a loop.   I then booted off the boot_backup and went in set back to boot off the 9.1RC1 and it boots fine.  Before doing that, I increased memory all the way up to 12 gigs and same exact error shows.


Any thoughts?





It's one of two things, either not enough ram, or it's using the vidconsole.  To rule them both out, set the ram to at least 5.1gb and set this in the loader:

setenv console vidconsole,comconsole

That setting will avoid the panic, but will make maintenance mode unusable on the vga console.  Alternatively, you can add a serial port to the vm and use the comconsole. 


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I had used 8 gigs and same result and i already had setup serial console.  I just scrapped the idea and fireup and new 9.1GA single node cluster sim.....