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ONTAP Simulator for (ARM) MacOS running on M1


Unfortunately the simulator is not yet ready to be installed on a M1-powered MacBook.

Is there anybody who already re-compiled the "ova" to support ARM as well?



Would love to see ARM support for the simulator.




It's certainly possible as FreeBSD supports ARM. Perhaps it would lead to CVO on AWS Graviton3-based EC2 instances.



I also would love to see it running on ARM😎, now I am stuck with my tests. 😥


I will say I am
an aarch64/arm developer & hacker. I regularly play any Android game you can think of from the Google Play store on my x86_64 modern hardware. I stand out on like a signal flare in Steam benchmarks, because I'm playing with a core i7 on games meant for a 5v-2w aarch64 cpu. So I'm just saying I know how to crosscompile.

lets talk about barriers to entry:


an Apple m1 loaded with 24GB of RAM will run you $1,599
and the newer m2 also with 24GB of RAM will run you $1,899
according to the list prices on


I'm not particularly a fan of Apple products; both for their price points and their political/religious philosophy. They make really polished, closed-source Unfree Products. Count me as a MAC hater. Yay GNU. Boo Apple.
My point is, there are significant barriers to entry, you will never see alot of development or support in this space. A vendor must GIVE AWAY FOR FREE or a trivial license fee, if you actually want people to make stuff + make stuff work.


A more realistic aarch64/arm8v development platform that could in theory run the ONTAP simulator, would be a Radxa Rock 5 Model B. You can get those with 16GB of RAM on a rk3588 cpu (NOT rk3588S, thats the cut-down version of the cpu, like the iPhone SE),

and you can get that arm board for more abouts $300 US, when they actually start shipping (pre-orders now). You have to acknowledge the 'culture' of arm developers, I am on other forums where people argue the pros and cons of $49 devices versus $29 devices, but for sure nobody is talking about $1899 Apple devices.

Last time I was here it was get the ONTAP simulator, I made it work in Virtualbox (because I hate VMWare as much as I hate Apple). I'm sure it would be a rocky road but one entirely doable to make it work on KVM in rhel/fedora. vmdk to qkow2 conversation is old hat for those of us who swing back and forth between QEMU and Virtualbox. I dont know's reasons to favor VMWare so publically, any system administrator worth his salt could support it in multiple formats.


Give me free Rock 5 Model B and a couple pizzas, I could make it work. But I'm telling you (and most these threads on the ONTAP simulator), it works just fine in Virtualbox if you want the easy way out.