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Good morning all,

     I am new to the group, my name is Shawn and I live in Westerville.  I work out of Lewis Center as a storage administrator for about a year now.  My question is one that I have yet to find anyone with the same issue:

My monitoring group created a sample, to be ran on a simulation box hosting OnTapp 8.2 Cluster Mode, that checks disk_busy as a utilization check. The problem we are running into is that the sample has become hung in processing status and will not clear.


clt02::> statis samp show

  (statistics samples show)


Vserver          Sample ID            Start Time     Stop Time      Status

---------------- -------------------- -------------- -------------- ----------

clt02         monitoring_1376649693_from_nag02_buf_company_com

                                       08/16 06:41:33 08/16 06:42:04 Processing

I have attempted to stop statistics based the sample name:


clt02::> statis stop -sample-id monitoring_1376649693_from_nag02_buf_company_com

  (statistics stop)


Error: command failed: sample:

       "monitoring_1376649693_from_nag02_buf_company_com" already stopped. Only

       one stop is allowed.

Then I receive the following when attempting to delete:


clt02::> statistics samp delete -sample-id monitoring_1376649693_from_nag02_buf_company_com -vserver *


Error: command failed on vserver "clt02" sample-id

       "monitoring_1376649693_from_nag02_buf_company_com": Processing sample:

       "monitoring_1376649693_from_nag02_buf_company_com". Please wait.

0 entries were acted on.

I have restarted the server that the simulator is hosted on, searched the interwebs with no hits.  If anyone has any suggestions they would greatly be appreciated.


Re: OnTapp 8.2 Simulator - Statistics


A team mate found out the answer to remove stuck samples:

Switch to diag mode:

set -privilege diag

run the delete command with -force true

delete -vserver <vserver name> -sample-id <sample-id name> -force true

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