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VSIM 8.1.1X34 C-mode


Is it possible to run storage failover and Cluster HA on VSIM 8.1.1 c-mode

cm::> cluster show

Node                  Health  Eligibility

--------------------- ------- ------------

cm-01                 true    true

cm-02                 true    true

2 entries were displayed.

cm::> storage failover modify -node cm-02 -enabled true

Error: command failed: Failed to enable storage failover service. Reason: Storage failover monitor not initialized.

cm::> cluster ha modify -configured true 

Warning: High Availability (HA) configuration for cluster services requires that both SFO storage failover and SFO auto-giveback be

         enabled. These actions will be performed if necessary.

Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

Notice: configSFOForHA: Could not retrieve partner SFO information: entry doesn't exist.

Error: command failed: entry doesn't exist

cm-01> cf status

cm-01 cluster monitor not initialized.


Partner is unknown

cm-02> cf status

cm-02 cluster monitor not initialized.


Partner is unknown






CFO/SFO is not supported on simulator

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