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Ontap Simulator GPO Support


Hi Community,


I enabled gpo support on my vfiler and created a filesystem security gpo but it don't work. I linked it to the ou where the netapp is located and did a gpo update via cmdline.


Show-applied results in:
Error: show failed: The gpolist is empty in "vFiler".


There are some entries in eventviewer:


mgmtgwd.jobmgr.jobcomplete.failure: Job "GPO Main Update" [id 33] (CIFS Group Policy Complete Refresh for vFiler) completed unsuccessfully: Fetch failed: Failed to get Registry settings of GPO 79A62E02-8892-43A9-8588-EFB452CC5712: Failed to get the registry file \\aikux.local\SysVol\aikux.local\Policies\{79A62E02-8892-43A9-8588-EFB452CC5712}\Machine\Registry.pol for Vserver vFiler, Reason: Cmd failed: Retrying: Next Refresh At Mon Apr 11 16:32:47 2016 (1).


I think it's a permission problem. With which credentials the netapp wanna fetch the registry.pol? 


What I have to do to fix this error?


Thanks and regards,



Re: Ontap Simulator GPO Support


Does anyone have a fix for this error?  I'm getting the same thing.  Thanks.

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