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Running ontap 8.1.2 Sim on ESXi 5.1 - fix


hi all i thought i would share i what i have found out. here is a blog post of what i found etc. and the fix to allow the new 8.1.2 work on ESXi 5.1


Re: Running ontap 8.1.2 Sim on ESXi 5.1 - fix


The problem is that the 2gb sparse disk format is no longer supported on ESXi 5.1 and beyond.

Theres the easy fix, and the hard fix.

Easy fix:  before first boot, delete and recreate the SIM disk VMDK on IDE 1:1.  Use this method if you are building a new sim from scratch. 

Hard fix: re-enable 2gb sparse disk support, and convert the disk to a supported type with vmkfstools.  Use this method if you have an existing sim you are trying to get working after upgrading your esxi install.

For example:

  1. enable ssh and esxishell
  2. use ssh or DCUI to access esxi shell
  3. cd /vmfs/{datastore name}/{vsim folder}
  4. vmkload_mod multiextent
  5. vmkfstools -E DataONTAP-sim.vmdk DataONTAP-sim-2gbsparse.vmdk
  6. vmkfstools -i DataONTAP-sim-2gbsparse.vmdk -d thin DataONTAP-sim.vmdk
  7. vmkfstools -U DataONTAP-sim-2gbsparse.vmdk
  8. vmkload_mod -u multiextent

Re: Running ontap 8.1.2 Sim on ESXi 5.1 - fix


Can you give details of the original issue you experienced?  I went to you BLOG site but did not see any specifics.  Thanks.

Re: Running ontap 8.1.2 Sim on ESXi 5.1 - fix


Essentially, the sims are packaged using a virtual disk format thats no longer support on esxi out of the box. 

The blog post vanished a while ago, but its been discussed here before, for example:

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