SIM Cluster 8.3 Snapmirror

Hi All


i am trying to simulate a production and DR site using snapmirror and Veam Backup


we currently have a FAS8020 as production but want to simulate the process for Veeam to use the snapmirror


i have created the cluster 8.3 simulated cluster in our productions site and licenced it by following the guide and adding all the licences - which has worked well


i am now placing another cluster 8.3 simulater in our DR site - but i guess i need to change the system ID to be able to do this? my only problem is i cannot find a second cluster node licence?


i am using this on the primary site




but after changing the setenv i cannot use this licence again or find one i could use site this site



is it possible for me to do this somehow? i need to show this off so we can discuss the possibility another FAS8020 in out DR environment

Re: SIM Cluster 8.3 Snapmirror

there is no need to change the system ID, just give each cluster a different name and you'll be fine. All licenses will work on all simulators without chaging any sys iDs


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Re: SIM Cluster 8.3 Snapmirror

brilliant thakn you


i did not want to waste time building a second one just for it to turn around and fail on me


good to know :-) thank you