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SSH stops working i 8.x simulator


I have several times lost SSH access to ONTAP 8.1 and 8.1.1 simulators. Things can work fine for several days but suddenly I am unable to login over SSH. I have the usual login prompt in PuTTY but the windows closes as soon as I enter the password. It is just like if someone else is logged in but I am sure nobody is. At the same time I have the following error message on the console of the sim:

[<hostname>:telnet.socket.timeout.warning]: Telnet daemon socket timed out for the SSHv2 connection.


Tried these without any success:

"logout telnet" (reports that no session is present)

"options ssh.enable off" + "...on"

"secureadmin setup -f ssh"


Rebooting the sim solves the issue. But that is not a solution. Not even worth calling a work-around.


Any ideas?



i have the same problem on my FAS6210 & 3270 since we use ontap 8.1.1.

netapp told me to view the bug 608206 and that they are working on the problem.


Correct we are also seeing this behavior in 8.1.1


Hi guys,

I had exactly the same issue after upgrading to DOT 8.1.1.

Bug ID  608206 which currently has no fix. A workaround I found is to go through RLM and start System Console. That appears to work every time.

Otherwise you have to wait 10 mins and try again!


I too have been experiencing this issue both on my simulator and 2040 (which are running 8.1.1)


If you have this issue please log calls with Netapp support so you get added to the bug list and pressure them for a fix!!!


Hello all,

Same problem here with Sim 8.1.2.

Anyone has find a solution? Is it really a BUG?


Pedro Rocha.


It is a real bug and I'm not sure there is a fix yet.

See bug ID 608206 : Continuous interactive SSH logins are rejected unless you wait between session


Correction, fixed in the following versions of DOT:

Data ONTAP 8.1.2P2 (First Fixed) - Fixed

Data ONTAP 8.1.3RC1 (RC) - Fixed

Data ONTAP 8.2RC1 (RC) - Fixed

Not sure the fix in the Sim code until 8.2RC1. 

On our production system the workaround is to login to the RLM then start the system console from there.


Hi, thank you.

Do you have the link to the bug?



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On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 10:59 PM, craigbeckman <


You will need to generate a new ssh key on your filer.  This is easy to do.

Open the NetApp OnCommand Systems Manager GUI.

Drill down from filer - Configuration - Security - SSH/SSL in the left hand window pane.

In the right side window, select SSH Setup (at the far right of the window)

This warns that all SSH connections will be stopped and restarted automatically after the setup is completed.

Select the check box "Disable SSH and continue"

Then click Setup

The setup takes about 30 seconds.  After it is complete you will be able to ssh to your NetApp filer or simulator.  Please accept the new security key when prompted.

The reason for this issue is your ssh client has either lost or corrupted the security key.  Generating a new key by running setup, pushes this key to your client.