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Basic Question about setting up a cDOT simulator


I have 100% absolutely zero experience with anything cDOT.  I've only worked with 7-Mode.  Having said that, in an effort to gain some experience with cDOT, we are attempting to stand up the 8.2.1 cDOT simulator (or vsim, or whatever).

We currently have 2 7-Mode simulators, and each of those have 4 NICs on them.  I made (what I fear) was a bad assumption that the cDOT simulator would require the same amount of NICs, but upon setting it up, I see I have some additional interfaces that need to be set up (cluster admin, node admin....that's as far as I've gotten).  So I'm just trying to figure out exactly what I'll need to get this guy up and running.  Currently we were just going to set up a single node cDOT vsim, but now I'm beginning to think it might be a good idea to set up a 2 node vsim environment, so that we can see exactly how it would work.

Can someone give me their recommendations on # of NICs, or any other pieces of advice on this?




Have a look at the article I wrote here, you'll be up in running in no time.

If this solves your problem, please mark the question as answered.


Each vsim requires 4 nic's. You can create a cluster and add nodes in but you wont be able to configure them HA. Not the end of the world but you wont be able perform any storage failovers

When i rolled out my vsim i used vsphere but for some reason i had to use the vmware worksation licenses so i fyou add licenses and cannot enbale services could be that - just a heads up


Can you tell me how you broke your NICs up?  Typically we would set one for replication, one for vfiler, one for nfs traffic, and one for iscsi traffic.  From what I'm gathering just based on running through the set up, it looks like 1 interface will need to be dedicated to cluster management, and another for node management.


It all about LIF's now and what ports they get assigned to

e0a and e0c are reuqired for intercluster swithces

e0b and e0d are for data access, cluster mgmt, replication etc

as this is simulation and swithcing was done on the esxi host i didnt really break them up, I just created the LIFs and assigned them to a port

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