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Service Processor

Hi all,


I'm trying to set up the service processor on the 9.1 simulator but it looks funny:


cluster1::system service-processor*> show
IP Firmware
Node Type Status Configured Version IP Address
------------- ---- ----------- ------------ --------- -------------------------
node1   -     unknown    -     -     -
node2   -     unknown    -     -     -


When I try to set this up on the system manager it says it can't be done unless the Status is online.

Any one know how to sort this out or let me know if this is a limitation of the simulator please?

Thank you in advance.

Re: Service Processor

Hi Leaqui, 


Thank you for contacting NetApp community, Regarding your question about SP no simulator wouldn't support Service-Processor, Failover, Metro Cluster. 

Please refer to the Ontap 9.1 simulator quick start guide (Page-6)  ONTAP-Sim-Getting_Started_Quick