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Sim 9.5 root volume trashed after power failure

A few times now we've had power failures and the 9.5 vsim root vol gest trashed.  Logging in, I see


Internal error: Cannot open corrupt replicated database. Automatic recovery
attempt has failed or is disabled. Check the event logs for details. This node
is not fully operational. Contact support personnel for the root volume recovery

(Or the other one about root vol corrupted.)


I've read the articles that say to use 

VLOADER> unsetenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery

... but I get:

no such file or directory

Others have noted it's not there in 9.5 and possibly earlier versions.

Is there a way to recover in 9.5?


I also read there is a way to use fast persistent storage for NVRAM.  We have NVME and SSD.  Is there a how-to on that?


Re: Sim 9.5 root volume trashed after power failure

I've had exactly the same issue.  It's making me reluctant to move our FAS to 9.5 if recovering the simulator doesn't look posisble without a rebuild.  If anyone's got a howto for recovering it, I'd love to know.

Re: Sim 9.5 root volume trashed after power failure

I'm fairly certain that this Sim issue does not affect actual hardware.  This happens on Sim because the NVRAM is faked in system memory.  Power loss --> NVRAM loss.  That wouldn't happen on hardware unless you lost power and then disssambled your controller at least to the point of removing NVRAM battery / memory, then put it back together and powered on.  Or left it powered off until the NVRAM bettery discharged.  Obviously unnatural acts.

Still, it makes it difficult for people inside NetApp, partners, and customers to dev and test when the Sim looses it's mind after a mere power glitch.