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I accidently delete the node/serial number from CIFS license from simulator 8.3 cluster mode.  When I try to add the licese back, it says already exist but shows only one node. How can I add node back to the license?





Stupid question, where do you obtain the 8.3 licenses?


I've downloaed the TGZ file for the simulator but I dont see any licenses?


You are probably adding the license key for the wrong node's serial number.


Get the list of serial numbers for your nodes:

system node show -fields serialnumber


and compare it to the list of installed cifs licenses:

system license show -package cifs


Figure out which one you are missing and add it back in from the license sheets.



You are right. the serial number not matching to both nodes serial number. How do I add serial number along with the license?


It turned out that I miss typed the serial number on one of the node in the cluster. How can I correct that?


oh, thats a fun scenario.  


I see 4 options:

1: Hope your typo happens to match another published serial number.  Find that license key set and use it instead. 


2: treat it like a headswap/motherboard replacement.  Fix the loader values, then follow the regular procedures aside from the ,reservations panic. 


3: remove the bad node from the cluster and recreate it


4: start over with fresh clean sims


Option 2 is the most interesting, at least to me.  Would require some work in the systemshell and at least one panic.

Option 3 is more straightforward.  Vol migrate everything to the good node, then cluster unjoin the bad one.  delete that vm and build a replacement with the correct serial number.







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