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I accidently delete the node/serial number from CIFS license from simulator 8.3 cluster mode.  When I try to add the licese back, it says already exist but shows only one node. How can I add node back to the license?




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You are probably adding the license key for the wrong node's serial number.


Get the list of serial numbers for your nodes:

system node show -fields serialnumber


and compare it to the list of installed cifs licenses:

system license show -package cifs


Figure out which one you are missing and add it back in from the license sheets.


Re: Simulator 8.3 License


You are right. the serial number not matching to both nodes serial number. How do I add serial number along with the license?

Re: Simulator 8.3 License


It turned out that I miss typed the serial number on one of the node in the cluster. How can I correct that?

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oh, thats a fun scenario.  


I see 4 options:

1: Hope your typo happens to match another published serial number.  Find that license key set and use it instead. 


2: treat it like a headswap/motherboard replacement.  Fix the loader values, then follow the regular procedures aside from the ,reservations panic. 


3: remove the bad node from the cluster and recreate it


4: start over with fresh clean sims


Option 2 is the most interesting, at least to me.  Would require some work in the systemshell and at least one panic.

Option 3 is more straightforward.  Vol migrate everything to the good node, then cluster unjoin the bad one.  delete that vm and build a replacement with the correct serial number.







Re: Simulator 8.3 License


Stupid question, where do you obtain the 8.3 licenses?


I've downloaed the TGZ file for the simulator but I dont see any licenses?

Re: Simulator 8.3 License

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