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Simulator ONTAP 8.1: Huge File?


Hi, I was giving the ONTAP 8.1 simulator for VMPlayer a spin on my fedora Desktop.

On untar-ing vsim-7m.tgz  I'm getting that the file DataONTAP-sim-flat.vmdk would be over 250 GB

Is that correct? It seems rather on the large side...




It's definitely not over 250GB.  My C: drive is only 200GB and I've installed two copies.  I think 8.1 is over 2GB, and 8.1.1 is over 7GB.


It doesn't sound right at all - the entire ONTAP 8.1 VM folder takes about 8GB of space in my case.


I had the same issue so I know the original poster is right. I unzipped the original .tgz file and the resulting .tar file occupied all of 240GB. However, when I extracted the DataONTAP-sim-flat.vmdk file, it was only 1GB.  Then vmplayer for windows didn't recognize the file........


I'm encountering the same issue.  Did something change to the source download recently to cause this?


I extracted the 8.1.1 file and it was 8.14GB.  Which direct link did you use?  I'd like to try it and see on that link.


It turns out the vmdk in question is sparse format max-size 250 GB, but there are only a few GB preallocated.

So this must be a bug with tar or perhaps the vmdk header is wrong?

Anyways, the 8.1.1 simulator works fine for me.



I need to test 8.1 not 8.1.1

This is the page with the link (I don't think we are supposed to post direct links to the simulator files):

Under 8.1, click the 7-mode link for ESX


FYI, I found a system with more free space and was able to extract it all.  It is 240GB.

This is on windows 2008 r2.  On my linux box, I ran out of free space.  That system had 160GB free.  So it is an OS independent issue.


Seems I have the same issue. I have a 250GB Virtual disk in the image that I downloaded off the official site in the c-mode for ESX file. See screen grab:

Has anyone found a way of reducing this at all? Can I just remove this Hard Disk from the config?



Let's just say that it's best not to remove the disk.