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8.1.1 C-Mode HA Config


Having a problem enabling HA on a couple of 8.1.1 c-mode sims installed on a ESX server, hopefully someone can advise here.

Both nodes are in the cluster:

dldnc800::*> cluster show

Node                 Health  Eligibility   Epsilon

-------------------- ------- ------------  ------------

dldnc800001vnfs       true    true          true

dldnc800002vnfs       true    true          false

2 entries were displayed.

dldnc800::> node show -fields sys
node            systemid
--------------- ----------
dldnc800001vnfs 4061490324
dldnc800002vnfs 4034389062
2 entries were displayed.

dldnc800::> node show -fields serialnumber
node            serialnumber
--------------- ------------
dldnc800001vnfs 4061490-32-4
dldnc800002vnfs 4034389-06-2
2 entries were displayed.

When I try and enable the HA, I get this error:

dldnc800::> cluster ha modify -configured true

Warning: High Availability (HA) configuration for cluster services requires that both SFO storage failover and SFO
         auto-giveback be enabled. These actions will be performed if necessary.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

Notice: configSFOForHA: Could not retrieve partner SFO information: entry doesn't exist.
Error: command failed: entry doesn't exist

I did find a knowlege base article, which points to the sysid, but setting this at the loader prompt for both nodes has not made any difference, I did try a couple variations:

setenv partner-sysid 4061490324

setenv partner-systemid 4061490324

Would appreciate any help?


Re: 8.1.1 C-Mode HA Config


HA is not a supported configuration in simulators. You can find the same details in "Limitations and unsupported features" section of Simulate_ONTAP_8.1.1.pdf (

View solution in original post

Re: 8.1.1 C-Mode HA Config


Ah well there you go I know it would be a simple answer


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