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md5sum bad

Downloaded multiple times both the workstation and esx version of ontap 8.1.1.  when i check the md5sum it does not match what is posted from netapp?  i don't think it is my downloads as i download vmware file some being 2.3 gb and they download fine. 


Re: md5sum bad

I have never had a problem with a program called FASTSUM (

Make sure you are checking for the correct file, in my case the file was '811_q_image.tgz'.

The checksum list on the Netapp site contains checksum details for  '811_e_image.tgz' (think it was 'e') and other zip files.

NOW site is down for maintenance so I can't check right now.

Re: md5sum bad

Thanks Craig for the reply.

From this is the md5sum for

MD5 Checksums

  • vsim-DOT811-7m.tgz
    • c6868c6ff93ae0616b7e7c63127a6345

this is my md5sum e6400e48e6691764978f2ad3d3d99a68  vsim-DOT811-7m.tgz

Downloaded multiple times with the same md5sum?

Re: md5sum bad

According to my information you have the correct checksum:

MD5 Checksums

  • vsim-DOT811-7m.tgz
    • e6400e48e6691764978f2ad3d3d99a68      <------------ This one!

  • vsim-DOT811-cm.tgz
    • a2ce845aa8053da10691f7b871d843ce

  • vsim-DOT811-7m-esx.tgz
    • aa2685b78831864418dfb78698eb4df8

  • vsim-DOT811-cm-esx.tgz
    • 7644a8cdec737d2d165f92d0e1e729b5
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