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SnapDrive on Win2k16 Server with ONTAP 9.1 Simulator


Hey guys,


i have another question. I installed the following test lab:


1 ONTAP 9.1 Simulator - 1 SVM with CIFS and iSCSI access

1 Win2k16 Standard server - running Active Directory, DNS, etc

1 Win2k16 Standard server -  running SnapDrive 7.1.4P1 & Windows Host Utilities 7.0 - domain member

1 Win10 Enterprise client - domain member


My ONTAP Simulator has one iSCSI lif - i can ping through to it from the SnapDrive server. So when im trying to access the server i get the following error message and code:


"Failed to get DATA ONTAP Version running on your storage system Error Description: Can't connect to host (err=10061)."


SnapDrive is installed successfully - AD and DNS is running properly - dns records are made in the DNS server -  etc.


Do you have any ideas where is the problem?







One more fact what should be useful. The test lab is running on a Win10 Enterprise host - I'm using VM Workstation 12.5 Pro for virtualization.




This error message normally occurs due to an authentication issue:  There are a few things to check although looking at the Snapdrive logs can sometimes help diagnose which bit is failing.  It might be worth posting the output on here, although these are some things to check and might also help diagnose where the problem is.


- Have you created an account for snapdrive to use on the SVM and has this user account been added to the local admins group on the server?

- Has a mgmt lif been created on the SVM which can ping the AD and DNS servers, and has an active directory connection been setup on this SVM successfully?

- Can you login to the filer using the snapdrive account and password just to check the account is working (you will need to add ssh authentiction to the account name).

- Have you been able to establish the iSCSI sessions successfully?

- Have you added HTTPS authenticaiton to the Storage System in Snapdrive under Transport Protocol Settings?

- If you create a CIFS share on the same SVM are you able to map to it from the server?





Hi Tobi,


I think you are missing a management LIF on the SVM that allows SnapDrive to communicate. Note: the management LIF data protocol must be set to “none” and the SVM name should resolve to the management LIF IP address


Also, just to confirm to connect to the SVM management LIF use the vsadmin account over HTTP/S.


Hope this helps.





Hey guys,


im back with the same problem. Im now using VMware 14.1 and ONTAP 9.3 Simulator.


I checked the settings which sgrant spoke about --> all settings are correct.


I'm still not able to establish an iscsi connection to my ONTAP Simulator.


Do you guys have any other ideas?





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