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ONTAP simulator on ANTSLE box?


Has anyone attempted to run any version of the ONTAP simulator on an ANTSLE box?


Looks like it would be a great lab box if it works.  They do have their own hypervisor.  They claim they can pull in vmdk's but I think anyone who has tried to convert the simulator to hyper-v knows that doesn't mean it will work.  


Re: ONTAP simulator on ANTSLE box?


It could be a bit tricky due to the advanced networking and disk configuration for the VSIM - if it's going to fail on anything, it would be that - I personally run an ONTAP sim on an Intel NUC7i5BNH running VMWare. Very easy setup.

Re: ONTAP simulator on ANTSLE box?



I thought about the Intel nuc but thought it wouldn't be powerful enough.  I had alot of problems in the past with a 5 year old AMD computer turned esxi server.  The hosts we're resource contrained all the time.  I thought I would need to go to something with a good xeon processor.  I'll give the nuc a try.

Re: ONTAP simulator on ANTSLE box?


Antsle is built on KVM.  I've tried a few times to bring it up on KVM without success.  


I have had plenty of success running them on assorted intel NUCs.  Even i3 NUCs will work given sufficient ram and SSD/NVME.  



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