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Super Newb


Hi guys:

I am working with the simulator and attempting to update the software.  I have connected to the Cif share and am trying to run the file but it keeps erroring during the process indicating I dont have enough room on my  boot device.

Available space on boot device is 166mb

Required space is 461.

How do I increase this space?  Please be gentle as I am a supernewb to this program.  Thanks in advance.



Anyone?  I tried adding disks to the aggr0 but the problem persists.  Expanded the volume but it does change the amount showing.  Still showing only 166mb.  Thanks in advance.


Ike -

I've never tried to update software on the simulator -- usually just moved to the next VM.  I can try to do it to one of the VM's - which version are you using? 


The simulator does not support update Data ONTAP.  If you want to move from 8.0.1 to 8.1 you need to download the 8.1 simulator and setup it up and then if you desire, migrate the data to the new Simulator using SnapMirror or some other data migration tool.