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Using the Sim without internet access: A trainee's plea for guidance.



I'm fairly new to DataONTAP, and while I've got the sim totally up and running on my desktop PC at home, I'm going to be traveling quite a bit soon, and want to run the sim "locally" on my laptop.

On my desktop, I have assigned IP's in the 192.168.x.x range to the sim, and I can access it just fine via OnCommand System Manager, and play around to my heart's content.

However, on my laptop, since I'll be traveling and my IP's are going to change/not be assigned or I may not have internet access, I'm wanting to be able to run the sim via VMPlayer, and still have the ability to manage it via OnCommand.

I tried assigning e0a-e0d IP addresses in the loopback range of -, but when i try to run discovery via OnCommand, I am besieged with failure.

Can anyone suggest a way to make this work so that, for example, I can be on a train/plane/in the middle of nowhere and still be able to use OnCommand to manage and manipulate DataONTAP sim in VMPlayer?

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.




Addendum: Could the Microsoft Loopback Adapter work in this case perhaps? Does anyone have any experience with this?


I'm able to do this with VMworkstation and the VMs set to NAT node

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