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VSIM image ugrade files?


I was given one a while ago and it worked great..but just don't have access.  The time it takes to rebuild a vsim (after adding disks and configuration) to upgrade from 8.1 to 8.1.1 for example would be saved by running the normal ontap upgrade with the vsim version of the upgrade file.  Any plans to post the upgrade file in addition to the full vsim?

Currently there is a 7-mode and C-mode link for the full vsim.  It would be a huge time saver to have 1 additional link for just for the image file common that vsim bulid so we can do ontap upgrades in the vsim instead of recreating from scratch every time.



Actually I did "upgrade" from 8.0 to 8.1 a while ago by replacing CF card VMDK and it worked. Now I was about to finalize and document procedure (make sure varfs is preserved etc) but found that VM structure of 8.1.1 is completely different from 8.1. Pity.

I'll look at new layout, but of course if it may change even between minor dot releases, it leaves little hope for even non-supported procedure


Having the tgz image file for vsim is really nice to have. Identical to a real controller and no issue with disk reassignment to apply the update.

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Well … looking at VM layout change I doubt it would have been possible. E.g. 8.1 used RAM disk based varfs and stored NVRAM in regular disk, while 8.1.1 has disk based varfs and stores NVRAM in separate vmdk. You really cannot make it by simply updating kernel.


From 8.0 to 8.1 the vsim image file worked. Not sure with 8.1.1. Any internal NetApp who have used a vsim image upgrade file to 8.1.1?

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