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Volume Encryption and Simulator

In a nutshell, is this possible on simulators?

Re: Volume Encryption and Simulator




Simple answer: Not anymore, however, you can still do encryption using ONTAP Select evaluation. 


Longer Answer:

"The new released software is Simulate ONTAP NODAR 9.3P4 for VMware ESX. The patch removes encryption from the ONTAP Software to comply with GTC (Global Trade Compliance) and thus encryption will no longer be supported on ONTAP Simulate. Customers requiring to test ONTAP encryption can still do so using the ONTAP Select with the Select Trial License."


All of the simulators for 9.4, 9.3P4, 9.2P4 and 9.1P13 have now all been patched as per the message above for NODAR, or No Data At Rest encryption. If you have an original 9.3 (no P4) already downloaded without nodar in its name (see below) then yes.


ie: vsim-esx-DOT9.3-cm.ova








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