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Windows asking for login credentials while accessing cifs shares.


I recently created a cifs share to access from my windows server 2003. When i go to map network drive and provide the directory windows asks for login credentials. I tried the default root (of netapp ofcourse) but it says unsuccessful login. I created another user on netapp within administrator group and the same thing happened.

I created the share by following instuctions on this link - (volume was created so i started from qtrees)

Also, is it neccessary to create a qtree to add a cifs/nfs share? does the name has to be the same? can one qtree hold more than one shares?

I apologize for asking such basic question but m new to netapp and all documents i read are not really helpful. Whatever knowledge i get is from here.




First, Root canot connect to Cifs Share, over windows station.

seconf, no the qtree isnt necessary to made a share

third, for windows authentification, correctly, you must have an NTFS security on your Volume or Qtree

and last one, Have you correctly do the CIFS setup ? And at this time the controler may ask to you to create an CIFS loacl administrator, righy ?

Could you send us the result of : cofs domaininfo


Hi Cedric,

Thanks for the reply. The result of cifs domaininfo was

Filer NETAPPSIM is not a member of a domain.

Also i was not asked for the creation of CIFS local administrator. The volume and qtree both have ntfs type security. As i said all I did was followed the steps given here Also, I think i missed a few steps while performing cifs setup.


Hi Sunil,

Please check entries in /etc/passwd.

It should be like below..




ftp::65533:65533:FTP Anonymous:/home/ftp:



Normaly Root is an unix user's reserved

Have you do ths CIFS setup ?

if yes during this setup the NetApp ask to you an Administrator Password  ...

Can you try to connect with this account ?

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