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volume-create "Unable to find API"


I can run "volume-create" when I SSH to my Vsim,  but the command is not available via the SDK, even when using the applications

provided with the SDK:

netapp.manage.NaAPIFailedException: Unable to find API: volume-create (errno=13005)

          at netapp.manage.NaServer.invokeElem(

          at Data_ONTAP.ClusterMode.Java.vserver.vserver.createVolume(

          at Data_ONTAP.ClusterMode.Java.vserver.vserver.main(

I believe that via the SDK I'm seeing just the APIs listed in the "Cluster-mode" Ontap 1.20 API, which has no "volume-create",

but seeing the "Vserver" Ontap 1.20 API via SSH.  

Is this possible?

How can I create a volume via the SDK?

Thank you,



Re: volume-create "Unable to find API"

If you have a ZExplore, you need the "Use vserver tunneling" check box & vserver name of Advanced manu of ZExplore Connect option.

Hope this help.

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