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8.3.1 SSLHandshakeException


I'm running into a problem after upgrading to 8.3.1 where my API code (java based) is getting an SSL Handshake Exception as follows: Connection has been shutdown: Remote host closed connection during handshake


I had a look at the available connections which now has SSLv3 disabled.  I enabled this and that allowed the 'old' system manager to connect again (not that it's required) but not my API code.


::*> system services web show


External Web Services: true

             HTTP Port: 80

            HTTPs Port: 443

         TLSv1 Enabled: true

         SSLv3 Enabled: false

SSL FIPS 140-2 Enabled: false

       Protocol Status: online


I've also checked my certificates for any that have expired, also seems fine.


Anyone with a solution?


Re: 8.3.1 SSLHandshakeException


In case someone else has this problem I did two things to solve it:

1) Upgrade to managedontap-5.4.jar

2) Enabled the server certificate.  I'm not sure why this was disabled...


lab-cluster1::> security ssl show
               Serial                                         Server  Client
Vserver   Number Common Name             Enabled Enabled
--------- ------ --------------------------------------- ------- -------
                 lab-labcluster.cert                     true    false
Certificate Authority: eac-labcluster.cert
          -      -                                       false   false
Certificate Authority: -
          -      -                                       false   false
Certificate Authority: -
3 entries were displayed.
lab-cluster1::> security ssl modify -vserver lab-fs1 -server-enabled true


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