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ZExplorer and Java

In versions 5.2.1R1 and 5.4 of the NetApp Manageability SDK, when attempting to run the zexplorer executable file as Administrator or by double clicking it, you're prompted with a message indicating that Java is not installed on the OS with an option to download it. This has occured against different Operating Systems (Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7) with different versions of Java installed (Specifically Java 7 Update 45 and Java 7 Update 51).These versions where confirmed by executing the "java -version" command within an elevated command prompt.  Because of this, ZExplorer never comes up.


Is it possible to find out the following:


1. What process does ZExplorer use to determine if Java is installed?

2. What specific versions of Java does ZExplorer support?

3. Why is it not detecting the version of Java being used by the Operating System




Re: ZExplorer and Java

I'm not sure if this is directly answering your problem, but what if you launch the jar directly


java -jar zexplore.jar


That's what us poor unix guys need to do.

Check out the KB!
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