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API documentation and lun-list-info


I'm working on a nagios check for NetApp volumes and ran into a couple of issues.

I can get volume info including space used. This is fine for regular volumes, but

for autogrow volumes I use the autogrow limit to calculate the %used and that

works fine as well. The only remaining issue is for volumes that contain luns, which

are usually full all the time. I was trying to use the lun-list-info API call go get a list

of luns, then compare the path to existing volumes so I could treat them as a

special case, but when I use lun-list-info with no parameters, I always get:


<results status="passed">


And if I pass in a path to a known lun, I get:

Failed: No such LUN exists


my $output = $s->invoke("lun-list-info");
print "lun-list-info:\n";
if ($output->results_errno != 0) {
our $r = $output->results_reason();
print "Failed: $r\n";
} else {
  print $output->sprintf();


This occurs on several files with 8.0.2P6 through 8.1.2P3 and ontapi 1.13 - 1.19


Also, I just downloaded the current API documentation and it only goes up to 1.17


So, my question is whether I could be doing something wrong, or could it be a

config issue or bug in the API? I was using SDK 5.0 so I downloaded the SDK (5.1)

and it doesn't look line NaServer or NaElement have changed (still version 1.0)


(Actually NaServer did change [had some ipv6 code added], but the version string

was not updated and the problem behavior did not change when I switched to the

newer NaServer.)

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