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API for NFS per Client Stats

Is their an API for the following NFS per client stats.  IT looks like this command has been moved to hidden statistics-v1 in 8.2.  Looking through the perf objects I do not see any objects that correlate to the object "client"

cluster::*> statistics settings modify -client-stats enabled

Warning: System performance may be significantly impacted. Are you sure?

Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y

cluster::*> statistics show -object client


Re: API for NFS per Client Stats

NetApp Alumni

Hi James,

Unfortunately, there are no client stats accessible from the perf APIs.  I talked with the development manger, and it is being worked on for a future release.  The current granularity is node and vserver.  Please look at this post for the nfsv3 vserver instances.  There are also node instances for nfsv3:node counters.


   - Rick -

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