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PowerShell Errors


We've got a wrapper application that kicks off powershell commands to create and destroy LUN clones on a six node 8.2 cluster mode system.  The problem is, rarely, it returns with an error "FlexClone not licensed".  This is very peculiar as all the nodes are licensed and the vast majority of the time everything works fine.  I've got a couple of guesses; bug in the PowerShell API; or something load related against the particular node we're attached to at the time.  Here's the syntax of the command.

New-NcClone -Volume <source_volume> -SourcePath <volume> -DestinationPath <new_volume> -Snapshot <source_snap> -SpaceReserved false

We're issuing is against the vserver directly (not going through the cluster manager).  Anyone with suggestions on how to narrow the problem or perhaps someone's seen this before?


Re: PowerShell Errors


Hi Michael,

The New-NcClone cmdlet does not do any license checks, so the error is coming from ONTAP.

When the command does fail, does re-issuing the command (eventually) work?  Or do you have to resort to other means to create the clone?



Re: PowerShell Errors


A retry will allow the command to work.  I'm not sure of the retry interval but I could check that if it's important.  We run 10-20 clones per day and this has happened twice, seemingly at random.

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