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Add New API Document (ontapi 1.17)

I'm familiar with the ONTAP APIs in 7-mode, and I'm starting into C-mode now.  I've downloaded both portions of the API documentation including the ZEDI utility.  I'm connecting to an ONTAP 8.1.1 Cluster and ZEDI tells me that I need the 1.17 version of the API document to be able to start working.  I try the "Add New API Document" link from the drop down menu, but I'm unclear what I'm supposed to point it at.  I've tried various HTML pages within the API documentation (which includes 1.17), but it's not populating correctly in the ZEDI tool.  I've tried pointing it at the ZIP file of the documentation, still with not success.

I've looked through the "ZEDI User Guide" and it mentioned how to add new API information, but it's not very useful.  What file should I choose from this menu?




Re: Add New API Document (ontapi 1.17)


Sorry for making it not clear in the documentation, you need to add separate files to ZEDI to get 1.17. I have uploaded those files for both Cluster-Mode and 7-Mode -


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Re: Add New API Document (ontapi 1.17)


These files worked just fine.  Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me!  I recommend that the documentation be updated with steps on how to obtain these types of files and use them.  I also imagine they will be included in the next SDK release (5.x).

Thanks again!

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