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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

Authorization failed SDK 5.2.2


I have a customer running SDK 5.2.2 that wants to use it to automate his snapmirrors. He is running a VCS on Redhat. He runs the command "perl -h -s user pass system-get-version" and get the error:

results status="failed" reason="Authorization failed" errno="13002"></results

I checked the HTTP setting and this was on as well as SSL. I had him run the same command adding the -s to specify HTTPS and get received the follwoing:

Undefined subroutine &Net::SSLeay::load_error_strings called at ../../../../lib/perl/NetApp/ line 379. 


Customer is running ONTAP 8.1.2P4 7-Mode




the "Undefined subroutine" is likely because the user on the client running perl doesn't have Net::SSLeay


depending on the installation, something like 'cpan Net::SSLeay' may work

(that got me past the "Undefined subroutine" problem when i tested in the lab)


"Authorization failed" sounds like either authentication fails (wrong user/pass) or authentication works but the user lacks required permissions (group membership or rbac)

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