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Availability of NM SDK 4.0


Is there NM SDK 4.0 still available for download? I need it for compatibility reasons and I can download only the latest version.


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Since the SDK only has functions to marshal and unmarshal XML, the latest SDK is compatible with earlier versions on ONTAP and OnCommand (DFM).  The actual API code is in ONTAP and OnCommand, not the SDK.


   - Rick -


We have a problem with third party software communicating with DFM via NM SDK - some queries do not work. We want to exclude compatibility problem and this software was tested with NM SDK 4.0 and DFM 4.0P1.

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Please be specific with your problem.

   - Rick -


I asked this question on behalf of my colleague that is currently in the field without access to Community. Here is his explanation:

IBM TivSAM with NetApp Extension

During storage discovery I am receiving following error: "Failed to discover Datasets with the reason Dataset discovery failed with the exception : VFiler discovery failed with the exception : Vfiler discovery failed with the exception : Failed to get Vfiler Information with the exception : null"

I have created vfiler vf0001:

> vfiler status

vfiler0 running

vf0001 running

and a dataset with resource pool that contains aggr1.

Manual provisioning from Managament Console works for the dataset with resources from resource pool on vf0001.

Supported OnCommand version is 4.0PL with Ontap 7.3.1 and I am using 5.0 with 8.1.

It might be version issue or misconfiguration.

According to IBM techsupport vfiler=null where there is no vfiler configured on a netapp storage.

Only vfiler0 is required to pass discovery.


NetApp Alumni

The Tivoli TSAM NetApp Extension has not been tested with OnCommand 5.0.

It looks like your Michal has found compatibility problem.  I have not heard of any problems with vfiler discovery differences in OnCommand 4.0 and 5.0.

I would get the Tivoli TSAM group to look at this problem.


   - Rick -

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