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CIFS : error on named pipe

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I'm programming an fpolicy server using the samples of the sdk, but i have an issue.

I can register just fine with the simulator (running ONTAP 7.6.3), i can see my server as main server for my policy (using fpolicy command), but after a short time, the simulator tells me :

CIFS error on named pipe with server : Error connecting to server, open pipe failed.

FPOLICY : an attempt to connect to fpolicy server  for policy pol failed : Oxc0000022.

Any ideas why ?



Re: CIFS : error on named pipe

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Hi again,

I'm a beginner with NetApp and I still didn't resolved my issue yet.

It does not work with the fpserver sample code provided with the sdk either.

Oxc0000022 seems to mean nt_status_access_denied, is this a network issue ?

Anyone have an idea what i have to change on the simulator to make this work ?

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.


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