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Can NetApp NMSDK run with post 15 version of guava library?


When I compile NMSDK library with guava 18. I got this exception from query NetAPP:

Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/io/NullOutputStream

at com.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiTarget$Encoding$1.createApiInvocation(

at com.netapp.nmsdk.client.ApiRunner.createApiInvocation(




NullOutputStream is removed from guava after version  14.

All NMSDK are still with guava library 08 release.


Anyone knows how to get arround this if I have to use guava 18 in my appilcation?

Or is there going to be an update of NMSDK with newer version of guava library?




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