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Comparison between 7-mode API and cDOT API


Hello gurus,

is there somewhere a direct comparison between 7-Mode API and cDOT API?

Reason in behind:

We have a complex application doing all the provisioning, quota management etc via 7-mode API calls. Now we are asked to enable this application to be cDOT ready. To assume the necessary amount of work to be done we need a compersion between the both API.

Many thanks for your help




Hi Kai,

You might find the Clustered ONTAP developer Guide useful for this :

It compares the commonly performed 7-mode tasks with how they are performed in Clustered ONTAP.



Do you know if  OnCommand API Services is supported for 7-mode? I can see only Clustered Data ONTAP being mentioned in the documentation.




API-S only works with clustered.



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Since I know it will only work with cluster mode.

Regarding to different APIs between cluster and 7 mode is: 7-mode has only one set of API while cluster mode has two of them. One related to cluster and other one related to vserver.

If you've developed a class like quota for 7 mode you can use it for cluster mode but the API call to populate data on it will be different.
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