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Converting subfolders to qtrees in cDot


Hello Guys,


Currently our homedir setup is messed up, basically it's all subfolders under 2 shares owned by 2 volumes.One share containing around 3000, while other containing 1500 subfolders. We need to convert these 4500 subfolders to 4500 qtrees/shares. These includes both Windows and Unix homedirs. 


I am thinking of creating 5 volumes, each with around 900 qtrees/shares and create 1-2 for future expansions(100-200 qtree's per year) expected. bulk creation of around 1000 might happen soon.


Using single cDot cluster and single vserver, wondering the total number of shares per volume and possible limitations on exports/quotas etc.  Can anyone guide on possible ways to convert subfolder into qtree? Let me know if I should repost in another forum, help highly appreciated.



So I think you may have posted in the wrong area....this is under the SDK & API discussion area and I think you're really looking for cMode/vserver help.


Having said that, I don't understand why you would want to do this. I would not suggest create a qtree for each individual home directory. If it's quotas you are worried about then you can set per-user quotas in the volume (qtreee). I'm not aware of anyway to convert a 'subfolder' (aka: directory) into a qtree other then:

1) Create a new qtree

2) Copy the data over from the directory




Hi Richard,


Thanks a lot for replying. Main intention was better operational management for qtrees, subfolders cannot be managed from NetApp OnCommand toolsets or ZAPI scripts easily. Developing any kind of automation around qtrees/shares is easier. But seems like, all of this was for 7-Mode. in cDot, just realized that they do not promote creating qtree's that much. 


Attached document mentions about homedir management, we might need to skip this idea of converting 😞





My Name is Chriz Ott and I'm working in the Transition Team at NetApp. Great Question, we see those frequently.

In order to transition and convert 7-mode folder structures into cDOT you might want to take a look at the rapiddata planner available in the SW download area. Note: (I'm not saying use rapiddata for the transition, as it is an appliance and nfsv3 only). The planner has a gui that can create cli commands to change structures from folders to volumes or qtrees and vice versa ( so much for simplifying the configuration)
The data copy process would then be as described by Richard.
In general there might not be a single correct answer whether to use qtrees or not, I have had good experience with qtrees especially for quota, as all data in the qtree counts toward the limit, whereas with the user quota system owned files do not count towards the limit.

Hope that helps, let me know if I can be of any additional help.
Cheers chriz
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