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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

Difference between fcp-adapter-get-iter and storage-adapter-get-adapter-info APIs


Please help me understand difference between fcp-adapter-get-iter and storage-adapter-get-adapter-info APIs. As per definition, one returns the "Iterate over the list of physical FC adapters." and other is "Display the information about a specified host adapter." . When i query the simulator, I see different set of data returned.

Do we have different set of adapters for backend and hosts? Are there any documents explaining the same.





fcp-* is related to FCP target protocol, i.e. presenting LUNs on a FC SAN

storage-adapter-* is related to FC initiator protocol, i.e. accessing FC based disks shelves and FlexArray LUNs, tape devices


On a NetApp system a given FC port is either an initiator or a target port, so depending on the role it will be shown in one or the other set of APIs.


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA

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