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EMS Messege Java


I want to see all EMS messages that are at severity "warning" or higher. At the moment my code recives all messages, it's about 8000 of them, and selects the ones I want. It takes about 3 minutes to gather. Is there a way to filter this in the NetApp to speed up the process?


EmsMessageGetIterRequest emsReq = new EmsMessageGetIterRequest();
Iterator<EmsMessageInfo> emsResp = runner.iterate(emsReq,10);
EmsMessageInfo ems;

while (emsResp.hasNext()) {
    ems =;

    if (!(ems.getEmsSeverity().equals("debug") || ems.getSeverity().equals("debug") || ems.getSeverity().equals("notice") || ems.getSeverity().equals("informational"))) {
        getEmsList().add(new NAEms(ems));


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