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Fetch ONTAP version into data


We have a requirement to get ONTAP version(8.3.2) into System Performance data (SystemPerfHander) and of course, I am getting it into field "ontap_version"  or by CLI command "version"   with some extra stuff like a timestamp.


e.g. "NetApp Release 8.3.2 Cluster-Mode: Thu Jan 15 21:30:45 PST 2015"



I  can extract version from the above string but am not sure if this format is static as we are getting data from Netapp simulator.

Can anyone please help us to check it?





The release string does change a bit over time, but has the same basic format.  Here is my 9.0P1 system:


NetApp Release 9.0P1: Sun Oct 16 17:15:15 UTC 2016

Notice that it no longer says "Cluster-Mode".


A more reliable method, particularly if you know you're dealing with clustered ONTAP, is to use the output of "system node image show":


VICE::> system node image show -fields version -iscurrent true
node image version
------- ------ -------
VICE-07 image1 9.0P1
VICE-08 image1 9.0P1

This info can also be accessed using the "system-image-get-iter" API.


Hope that helps.



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Thank you so much for your support

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