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List Quota Policy(Quota Management Pack) : WFA 4.0


Hi, I am using the latest quota management pack to work with qtrees.


Everything is working fine,  it is listing volumes, vserver etc but I am not able to list the quota policies available for that qtree.


Could anyone please help me with that.






I haven't worked with WFA 4. I stopped working at version 3.1.

I think it doesn't have a built in feature for that. So you can write your custom function.

Follwing is the query that I am using to list policies on a vserver. Can you please have look. Thanks.


DISTINCT quota.quota_policy, as Vservername,
cm_storage_quota.quota_policy quota,
cm_storage.vserver vs,
cm_storage.cluster cluster
WHERE = quota.vserver_name
AND quota.vserver_name = '${VserverName}'
AND cluster.primary_address = quota.cluster
AND ( '${ClusterName}'
or cluster.primary_address= '${ClusterName}'

This quota table does not exists in my old WFA 3.1.

Can you tell me what columns are available in this table?

You can check your cluster but I think you are not receiving any quota from qtree because it's applied to a target which happens to be a qtree.

Something like this:


mycluster::> quota policy rule show

Vserver: myVserver      Policy: default           Volume: myVolume

                                               Soft             Soft
                         User         Disk     Disk   Files    Files
Type   Target    Qtree   Mapping     Limit    Limit   Limit    Limit  Threshold
-----  --------  ------- -------  --------  -------  ------  -------  ---------
tree   ""        ""      -            10GB        -       -        -          -
tree   Qtree1    ""      -           1.5TB        -       -        -          -
tree   Qtree2    ""      -             5GB        -       -        -          -

By the way your query looks good. If you want you can use MySQL Workbench to query database. It's much easier than use WFA internal system.

It looks something like this:




CAGENASCLD02::> quota policy show -vserver cagevsd01

Vserver Policy Name Last Modified
-------------- -------------------- ----------------
cagevsd01 Def_Users_20GB 7/8/2016 23:32:19
cagevsd01 default 2/16/2017 14:59:53
2 entries were displayed.


Since I know quotas on cluster mode are applied to qtrees by using rules.  Policies by them self are only applied to volumes. Thus I think you should query rules not only policies.


anyone can help?

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