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/snapshots API Request Timeout


Has anyone seen any issues when issuing a REST call for volumes with /snapshots to get a list of snapshots?  Requests for some volumes are timing out.  Seems to be stalling at the ONTAP server and not the API server.  Volumes are online.





This issue was observed in an engineering environment when the controller was overloaded and ONTAP was not in a healthy state. Since the information about snapshots is not cached, and is queried real-time, adding to the API-S timeout of 1 minute(by default), the API call was failing. 


The team is exploring the option of making the timeout configurable. However, for now, you can verify the health of ONTAP., reduce the load or try running the API calls sequentially so ONTAP is not loaded with parallel requests. 


Thanks and Regards,

Krishna Vasudevan


Hello @CSiegle,


Is this with API Services or directly against an ONTAP (or SolidFire?) system?



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Via API server rest call:


Example: https://ocapiserver:8443/api/1.0/ontap/volumes/6146c029-a151-11e4-aaf5-123478563412:type=volume,uuid=f407bb8f-1470-4105-9641-cb40eedc3352/snapshots


I haven't encountered this behavior before, I believe that API-S caches the information rather than reaching out to the ONTAP system in real-time.  Is there anything noted in any of the API-S logs?



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