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Fetch quota report for cluster mode filers using NetApp Perl APIs


I am using the following LOC to fetch the report. It geneartes the report but the report contains details for a different volume(Not expected) and does not contain any details of the expected volume. I tried verifying by doing a SSH to the particular filer and check the quota entry for a particluar volume. There I see the entries for all the required users for that volume. Don't know where I am missing and what I am missing.


Any leads will be helpful.


Below is the snippet to fetch the report:


$s = NaServer->new($filer, 1, 21 );
$api = NaElement->new('quota-report-iter');
my $xo = $s->invoke_elem($api);
if ( $xo->results_status() eq 'failed' ) {

     my @temp= $xo->sprintf();


With clustered Data ONTAP you'll need to specify which SVM you want to target.  You can further limit the returned results by specifying the volume too.


use Data::Dumper;

$s = NaServer->new($filer, 1, 21 );

# specify the SVM

# specify the volume in the request
my $xo = $s->invoke('quota-report-iter', 'path', '/vol/myVol');

if ( $xo->results_status() eq 'passed' ) {
    # you can get a pretty print of the returned object
    # using Data::Dumper
    print Dumper($xo);
} else {
    print $xo->results_reason();

Hope that helps.



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