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Get 'transfer schedule' with powershell



Anyone know how to obtain the value of  'transfer schedule' (not a lag) of the snapmirror relationship ?


Re: Get 'transfer schedule' with powershell

 Hello @Ribs,


I'm assuming you're referring to the SnapMirror schedule?  If so, I think this will provide the information you're wanting:


Get-NcJobSchedule -Name (Get-NcSnapmirror -Destination $destination).Schedule

Here is what that looks like for my ONTAP 9 system:


PS C:\Users\asull> Get-NcJobSchedule -Name (Get-NcSnapmirror -Destination $destination).Schedule

JobScheduleName           JobScheduleType      JobScheduleDescription                                                                                                 
---------------           ---------------      ----------------------                                                                                                 
daily                     cron                 @0:10                                                                                                                  


Hope that helps.



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Re: Get 'transfer schedule' with powershell

hello asulliva,


thx for the response.