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How long does it take for FPolicy show-engine to get connected after enabling a policy


I am having a NetApp 9 filer. I configured FPolicy and enabled the policy. 


But after enabling the policy for almost 25 seconds, fpolicy show-engine command did not return any entries. It was giving me 

There are no entries matching your query.


Only after 25 seconds, I can see my primary-server IPs in connected state in fpolicy show-engine.


I am using Ontapi, to perform FPolicy configuration. How many seconds should I wait for the external-engine to get connected?


Thanks a lot for your help!



it all depends how many folders your enabling the real-time with the filer..


if it a 1 Source folder then the connection should be immedietlity like you said 30sec acceptable..


check with different source volumes from same NetApp filer and this time it takes more than 30sec to see the external engine connect status on the filer side.

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