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fpolicy external engine reconnects


I am having an issue with my cluster mode fpolicy app, if the app crashes or is turned off, the vserver will attempt to reconnect - however it gives up after -max-connection-retries (default of 5, max 20)


If the fpolicy app is down for longer than that then I have to log onto the vserver and run engine-connect to get it to reconnect


Is there a command I can run from the fpolicy server to trigger a reconnect?


I have looked through the API calls available in the SDK and cant see anything




I am coding against netapp-manageability-sdk-5.2 on NetApp Release 8.2.2 Cluster-Mode


Re: fpolicy external engine reconnects


fpolicy-server-connect is what you are looking for. It accepts a policy name, cluster node name, and IP address(es) of your FPolicy server app.




Re: fpolicy external engine reconnects


You don't have to run the commands fpolicy policy connect from storage side...


fpolicy application can able to connect to NetApp filer when it is restarted and that is the best way to do..




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