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external FPolicy server implementation




I need some help with external FPolicy server implementation.

I could find documentations about, how to setup on NetApp side, but not on the external side.

Anyone could help me out, how to implement an external FPolicy server?


Thank you.


Re: external FPolicy server implementation




there'se a dedicated Technical report for every Fploiicy vendor usually for both Cdot and 7-mode.

it's also accessible externally. so if you google "fpolicy technical report varonis" you would get the right document that will take you step by step.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: external FPolicy server implementation


- The account that is used by the fpolicy application can be used a service account and be part in BUILTIN Admins group on NetApp side.

- Networking should be taken care so the fpolicy application can communicate with the NetApp SVM's data LIf's.


When the fpolicy application perform the connection to the NetApp filer and if it is successfully connected then you can able to see


Fpolicy policy is created on the storage side.. this is only when your configuring as a  real-time detection.


There are so many vendor docs are avaiable based on the vendors



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