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How to pass proper parameters for DFM web service

Hi, all,

  I'm new to manageability SDK.  I can not figure out how to pass proper parameters to dfm web service to conduct management or provision task. 

   An example to describe my situation is as follows:

  Step 1. I launch Netapp ZExplore and connect to a datafabric manager server.

  Step 2. I right-click on the "aggregate-modify" to generate xml ; afterward, I put a specific aggregate id on the tag. i.e.:


  Step 3. I hit "Execute", the result show on the bottom panel as Tree with node "status="passed"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE netapp SYSTEM "">

<netapp version="1.0">

  <results status="passed"/>


  Above process confuse me as I expect that method is suppose  to take more granular parameters regarding to aggregate to manipulate with, and not knowing what exactly have been got modified.

Very look forward to got enlightened !

thanks in advance

Tsungte Lin


Re: How to pass proper parameters for DFM web service

Go to Preferences > Options and tick Include Optional elements in code generation > Save changes

With this you will also get the optional parameters that you can pass when making an API call

Re: How to pass proper parameters for DFM web service


  With this specific 'aggregate-modify' method example,  I check the all three check box in the Options tab, only to find the result is still the same.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<netapp xmlns="" version="1.0">

  <!--Modify an aggregate's information. If modifying of one property fails, nothing will be changed. <br> Error Conditions: <ul> <li> EACCESSDENIED - When the user does not have DFM.Database.Write capability on the specified aggregate. <li> EINVALIDINPUT - When invalid input specified. <li> EOBJECTNOTFOUND - When the aggregate-name-or-id does not correspond to an aggregate. <li> EDATABASEERROR - On database error. </ul>-->


    <!--Name or identifier of the aggregate to modify.-->


    <!--True if an administrator has chosen to ignore this object for purposes of data protection.-->




I'm wandering if I mistake that aggregate-modify can really modify aggregate properties?  I tried the API document , and using soap ui to read the wsdl, but still got no clue how to make use of these web services.

best regards,

Tsungte Lin

Re: How to pass proper parameters for DFM web service

I think aggregate-modify is not meant to change the properties. As you can see, the only parameter you can change is -  "is-dp-ignored"

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