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Inconsistent Behavior Using HOSTS Authentication in API


I am attempting to use the Ruby API library. I don't like the idea of storing passwords in scripts, so I want to use HOSTS authentication (only marginally better, but that's the choice I get). I created a terribly simple script:

require 'NaServer'

filer = NaServer::new('hen01', 1, 15)

filer.set_admin_user('root', '')

filer.set_style "HOSTS"

output = filer.invoke("system-get-version")

if(output.results_errno != 0)

  puts "Error: " + output.results_reason


  puts "DOT version is: " + output.child_get_string("version") + "\n"


I can run this script over and over and about 20% of the time I get the server version back and about 80% of the time I get:

User  does not have capability to invoke API system-get-version.

(Notice there is an extra space after "User", implying an empty string in the output, implying the username isn't being procured correctly.)

Anyone have similar experience(s) and/or suggestions on how to make this consistently work?



Hi Brian,

Can you try removing 'filer.set_admin_user' statement?

In case of "HOSTS" style, username and password need not be set.

Also, ensure that you are root user while executing the script on the client.


Same behavior with and without the set_admin_user call, and yes, I am running the script as root.

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