Is NaElement -system-get-info supported



We are trying to discover NEtApp filers from HP UCMDB (discovery tool). We find the discovey failing with "system-get-info error.


The filer is FAS6290 and yes it’s on cluster ontap 8.3.1P2 version. The UCMDB version we are using is 10.21.


## Get HOST details

       hostInfoRequestElement = NaElement('system-get-info')

       hostInfoResponseElement = netapp_webservice_utils.wsInvoke(wsConnection, hostInfoRequestElement)


We understand that there is a major change in the cluster 8.3 especially with NC. It makes use of NC instead of NA (get-na vs get-nc).


Please confirm if the current version of NetApp cluster (8.3.1 P2) will support NaElement(' System-get-info') ?




Re: Is NaElement -system-get-info supported

No, "system-get-info" doesn't exists for cDOT, "system-get-node-info-iter" will be used instead.