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Software Development Kit (SDK) and API Discussions

WAFL cp_count performance metric has an array


When retrieving perf-object-get-instances for a "wafl" object, I get results like this:



This is one of many examples.


How do I interpret these results?



The "wafl" parameter you are asking for is one of the "hidden" mode performance parameters.

There are the privilege levels "admin", "advanced" and "XXX".


You will need "XXX", which I probably may not write down here. Ask your NetApp support guy for this word.

If not, you'll get a "Unknown/invalid object name 'wafl'"


ssh USER@FILERNAME "priv set -q XXX ; stats explain counters wafl cp_count"

will give you:


Counters for object name: wafl
Name: cp_count
Description: Array of counts of different types of CPs
Properties: delta
Unit: none
Size: 13 column array
Column names: wafl_timer generated CP, snapshot generated CP, wafl_avail_bufs generated CP, dirty_blk_cnt generated CP, full NV-log generated CP, back-to-back CP, flush generated CP, sync generated CP, wafl_avail_vbufs generated CP, deferred back-to-back CP, container-indirect-pin CP, low mbufs generated CP, low datavecs generated CP


For other subjects, like "system" this will be enough:

ssh USER@FILERNAME "stats explain counters system"



This answer was given by an FAS270 with NetApp Release 7.3.7P3. 🙂


Best regards,



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