WAFL cp_count performance metric has an array

When retrieving perf-object-get-instances for a "wafl" object, I get results like this:



This is one of many examples.


How do I interpret these results?

Re: WAFL cp_count performance metric has an array

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The "wafl" parameter you are asking for is one of the "hidden" mode performance parameters.

There are the privilege levels "admin", "advanced" and "XXX".


You will need "XXX", which I probably may not write down here. Ask your NetApp support guy for this word.

If not, you'll get a "Unknown/invalid object name 'wafl'"


ssh USER@FILERNAME "priv set -q XXX ; stats explain counters wafl cp_count"

will give you:


Counters for object name: wafl
Name: cp_count
Description: Array of counts of different types of CPs
Properties: delta
Unit: none
Size: 13 column array
Column names: wafl_timer generated CP, snapshot generated CP, wafl_avail_bufs generated CP, dirty_blk_cnt generated CP, full NV-log generated CP, back-to-back CP, flush generated CP, sync generated CP, wafl_avail_vbufs generated CP, deferred back-to-back CP, container-indirect-pin CP, low mbufs generated CP, low datavecs generated CP


For other subjects, like "system" this will be enough:

ssh USER@FILERNAME "stats explain counters system"



This answer was given by an FAS270 with NetApp Release 7.3.7P3. :-)


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